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About Us

CSC Lending was established in 2023 as an additional service of Chinatown Service Center (CSC) in order to provide small businesses with microloan products. 

In 1971, CSC was established in Los Angeles Chinatown and has been in the greater Los Angeles area for over half a century.  Today, it provides services to the immigrant and underserved communities through a variety of programs, including medical, dental, vision, behavioral health, social services, youth center, and community economic development services.  

In 1999, as CSC expanded its services and saw the needs of the Los Angeles Chinatown mom and pop shops, it established the Small Business Program (SBP) in order to provide no-cost comprehensive business counseling and support.

In 2022, CSC Lending was established as a result of CSC participating in the Rise Economy cohort.  

CSC has been attuned to the needs of the English-limited communities especially in Los Angeles Chinatown and greater San Gabriel Valley area for needing additional sources of capital, especially due to the documentation requirements of the traditional banks or the credit requirements.  

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